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Faculty Presentations

Dean Naomi Goodno addresses a crowd




  • Professor Maureen Weston Presents Keynote Address at Brazil Football Confederation
  • Professor Michael Helfand Presents "When Judges are Theologians" — Bar Ilan University
  • Professor Ed Larson Presents "George Washington and the Constitution" — Miami University, Ohio
  • Professor Ed Larson Presents "The Scopes Trial in History and Folklore" — McDaniel College
  • Professor Robinson Presents for the Alaska and Louisiana Bar Associations
  • Professor Kris Knaplund Presents "The Unintended Consequences for Dynasty Trusts" — American College of Trust and Estate Counsel
  • Professor Michael Helfand Presents "American Jewish Identity" — Shalom Hartman Institute
  • Professor Michael Helfand Speaks on Religious Discrimination and Jewish Law — National Conference for Jewish Lawyers and Jurists
  • Professor Bob Cochran Presents "Professionals and Moral Responsibility" — China University and University of Virginia
  • Professor Tom Stipanowich Speaks at Commercial Arbitration Conference – Peking University Transnational Law School
  • Professor Ahmed Taha Presents "Regulating the Advertising of Opinions" — University of Toronto Law
  • Professor Colleen Graffy Presents "Will Populism Continue Its Rise?" — Pacific Council on International Policy
  • Professors Amy Levin and Mireille Butler Present "Small Tweaks That Make A Difference" — Western Regional Legal Writing Conference
  • Professor Derek Muller Presents "Partisan Gerrymandering and the Political Process" — Howard University School of Law
  • Professor Ed Larson Presents "The Catastrophic Election of 1800" — North Carolina State University
  • Professor Trey Childress Presents Argument In Certain Iranian Assets Case
  • Professor Ed Larson Presents "The Scopes Trial in History and Legend" — Wabash College
  • Professor Colleen Graffy Presents "Multi-Stakeholder Solutions for Strengthening Georgia's Democratic Narrative"
  • Professor Ed Larson Presents "Creationism and the Law" at Florida State University
  • Professor Ed Larson Presents "James Madison and the Founding of America's Partisan Government" — James Madison University
  • Professor Tanya Cooper Presents "#Sorority Too" — NYU School of Law
  • Professor Ed Larson Presents "Search and Seizure in the Founding Era" — Constitutional Institute at Mount Vernon
  • Professor Trey Childress Presents Argument at International Court of Justice (Islamic Republic of Iran v. United States of America)
  • Barry McDonald Speaks on Justice Kennedy Retirement at Southeastern Association of Law Schools Conference
  • Colleen Graffy Presents at Palace of Westminster
  • Greg McNeal Presents "Drone and Airspace Management" — Oxford University
  • Jim Gash Delivers Kamm Memorial Lecture on Law and Society at Wheaton College
  • Professor Tom Stipanowich Speaks on National Panel at Ohio State Conference on Dispute Resolution and the Courts
  • Chris Goodman Speaks at William and Mary Law Symposium
  • Rick Cupp Presents "Edgy Animal Welfare" — University of Denver Law
  • Jim Gash Delivers Global Justice Keynote Address at Baylor Law
  • Tom Stipanowich and Veronique Fraser Present "'Mixing Modes' in International Commercial Dispute Resolution"