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Sudreau Global Justice Institute

Strengthening Justice Systems. Defending the Defenseless.
Training the Next Generation.

There are over 40 million slaves in the world today. Girls all over the world are denied the right to an education simply because they are girls. Thousands of vulnerable people around the world are subject to unjust detainment with no access or right to an attorney.

What We Do

We are an international organization, based out of Pepperdine Caruso School of Law, working to provide holistic solutions to systemic injustice and equip others to do the same.


Danny DeWalt

Strengthen Justice Systems

We partner with governments around the world to implement equitable laws and systems, and we provide training to judges, lawyers, and key stakeholders along the way.

Children in Uganda

Defend the Defenseless

We seek out those suffering injustice and we work to represent them or advocate on their behalf.

Global Justice Lawyers

Train the Next Generation

We provide law students and practicing attorneys academic training and hands-on opportunities around the world to advocate on the behalf of those in need.

Get Involved


We exist for you! Learn how to engage with the institute through classes, internships, trips, and fellowships.


Partnerships are essential to our work. If you have an interest in partnering or volunteering with us, learn more at the link below.  


Help supoort the Sudreau Global Justice Institute by making a donation to help fund global justice programs and initiatives. 

Project Spotlight

Juvenile Justice Defense Project

Tragically, Henry's story is not unique. Thousands of kids all around the world are subject to unjust imprisonment and have no right or means to afford an attorney. We plan to change that. In 2020 we launched our first Juvenile Justice Defense Project in partnership with the Ugandan Government. The goal? To build a sustainable Juvenile Public Defender's Office that ensures every child in Uganda's criminal justice system is provided an attorney.

Invest in Nation Transformation

You can make an impact in the global fight for justice. Join our community of monthly donors bringing hope to those in need.