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Spring Break in Uganda


The March 2021 spring break trip is cancelled due to the school's decision to shift the academic year to begin later in January. We are so sad to not be traveling to Uganda, but we hope you will be able to join us on another trip!

The Trip

The spring break trip is one aspect of our project assisting the Ugandan Judiciary with the implementation of plea bargaining in their criminal justice system. This 10-day experience is guaranteed exhausting, emotional, challenging, and the best trip of your life. Students have the opportunity to handle real cases, interview accused persons, and negotiate a plea agreement on their behalf. Not only is it a practical application of skills learned in law school, but it's also another critical step in the transformation of an entire justice system. We hope students passionate about International Human Rights will join this trip and gain invaluable resources and tools from the experience to carry forward in their legal careers.


Our Approach

We seek to serve the needs of developing countries where invitations have graciously been extended. We approach every relationship and project as a long-term investment paired with the goal of working ourselves out of job. Our purpose is to help nations' top leaders implement structural changes to their judicial process in order to secure greater access to justice for citizens. We are incredibly mindful of our position as affluent Americans and the stigma that brings when we work in the prisons. We hope to train our teams so that we are always operating with the utmost respect and caution alongside our Ugandan partners.



How much does the program cost?

On average, the subsidized cost each year is $1800. The cost includes flights, accommodations, ground transportation, meals, group excursions, and the visa application. It does not include any personal shopping or vaccinations/medications required for travel.

What are the dates?

Spring Break is usually the second week of March. We typically leave one or two days prior to the break in order to maximize our time and return the Sunday prior to classes. Upcoming trip dates can be found on the application once it becomes available.

When can I apply?

Applications typically open in the month of September and close in October. Announcements via the Surf Report and Facebook will let you know when the application is available. Decisions are made and commitments are requested before the Fall semester ends.

How competitive is the program?

We generally accept 10-15 students for this trip. The positions are always competitive and we can't always accept all who apply.

What are you looking for in candidates?


  • Passionate about Global Justice
  • Must be a 2L or 3L
  • Available during the trip dates given on the application
  • Please double check the dates for the MPRE prior to applying. If you are a 3L and must take the exam this spring, we would appreciate you ensuring the dates do not conflict prior to submitting an application


  • Experience in global justice-related work
  • Pursuing careers in global justice

Who leads the trip?

Our Global Justice Program team leads the spring trip. Learn more about our team.