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Externship Checklist


  1. Seek approval of your externship placement from the Director of Externships, Professor Sophia Hamilton, via one of the options below: 
    • If this is your first semester at the placement, schedule a meeting with Professor Hamilton.
    • If you are continuing at a placement where you have previously externed, complete a Continuing Placement Statement. Professor Hamilton will contact students via email with any questions or concerns.
  2. Once your externship position has been approved and secured, complete the registration packet found in Forms. Return the completed paperwork in the form of a PDF to clinicallaw@pepperdine.edu.
  3. The Clinical Program Manager will register you for the fieldwork and appropriate workshop once the registration paperwork has been received.

Course Content

  1. Keep track of your weekly hours on TICK timekeeping following the instructions posted in Forms. Approved timesheets should be submitted by the dates outlined in the syllabus. 
  2. Attend the bi-weekly workshop, faculty advising, or meetings with the Director of Externships (depending on externship experience).  
  3. Upload reflective memos via TWEN by their respective due dates as specified in syllabus. 
  4. Complete the Student Externship Evaluation at the end of term. 
  5. Follow up with your Field Supervisor to make sure they have completed a Performance Evaluation for you.

When each of these components have been completed, the Director of Externships will assign credit for the units you have earned. One unit of credit is awarded for every 52.5 hours of work in the field.

In order to build relationships, gather information, and provide support to placements during the course of the semester, someone from the Externship Program may conduct a site visit to field placements to discuss details about the placement, externs' progress, as well as other questions or concerns. Externship program staff will contact field supervisors directly and will schedule such visits at the convenience of the field supervisor.

If you have any questions or problems during your externship, please contact Professor Sophia Hamilton or the Clinical Program Manager: 310.506.7449 or clinicallaw@pepperdine.edu.