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Our Story

Looking up the stairs at a 50th anniversary sign for the Caruso School of Law

To learn the law is to understand for perhaps the first time one's place in a community and society whose freedoms and privileges are both defined and guaranteed by the law. Almost every area in daily American life is touched by the legal practice. Thus, the ability to control one's own interactions in those areas and the potential to help others in them are powerful skills. But almost everyone who holds a juris doctor agrees that the process of learning the law is one of the most challenging experiences in a lifetime. Not only must the language of the law be mastered new word by new word, but learning to think analytically almost inevitably requires an examination of many things that had once seemed immutable.

Pepperdine Caruso Law seeks to provide a few highly qualified students with the opportunity to pursue an academically challenging program in a unique and exciting environment. The student body possesses exceptional intelligence, as well as diversity, and rich and varied talents. Students will be surrounded by others who were also at the top of their undergraduate academic class, leaders in extracurricular activities, and active participants in their community. Alumni will leave prepared to enter positions as counselors, advocates, and judges; they will enter careers in business fields, as well as becoming writers and teachers of the law. We urge you to explore our Web site for a glimpse into this exciting place!