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Pepperdine | Caruso School of Law
Sign from a Ugandan prison with inmates in the background

REMAND the Film




Henry, a Ugandan teenager, was losing hope, languishing in prison for two murders he didn't commit.

Jim's comfortable life as a Los Angeles lawyer and law professor nearly ensured he and Henry would never meet.

REMAND tells the firsthand, true story of how Henry and Jim, separated not only by an ocean and thousands of miles, but also differing cultures and life experiences, met and worked together to inspire justice reform for an entire country.

A simple suggestion made by two law students led to deep and systemic changes in the Ugandan criminal justice system and benefited thousands of people, including Henry and several other prisoners desperate for justice. Their stories are told in this film.

You will look deep into the faces of despair through the eyes of twelve law students as they meet these prisoners in their darkest hours. Watch as the story unfolds and leads to dramatic change in the criminal justice system of an entire country in the wake of this work.