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How These Courses Might Serve You

Visit the Pepperdine University Straus Institute and Transfer Credits Back to Your Law School

Visiting students are attracted by the extensive and advanced course offerings in dispute resolution, many of which cannot be found at any other law school in the country. Most of these students simply transfer credits for courses back to their law or graduate school. Note that you can take one of these courses for transfer of credit to your school without participating in the certificate or master's program.

Enroll at Pepperdine and Earn a Certificate in Dispute Resolution

The Certificate in Dispute Resolution program is designed for law students, as well as professionals in business, education, health, law, management, public administration, psychological services, religion, and other occupations. The program requires the completion of 14 academic credits. Each student is required to take four core courses and three approved electives. JD students at another ABA-accredited law program, can earn a certificate by completing 10 units at Pepperdine and transferring 4 units of approved courses completed in their JD program. Pepperdine credits have traditionally been accepted for transfer at universities across the nation.

Complete 32 Units and Earn a Master's degree in Dispute Resolution

Students can earn a Master's of Dispute Resolution (MDR) from Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law in the same three years it takes to complete a Juris Doctor degree from another law school. The master's degree requires the successful completion of eight required courses, five elective courses, and an additional 6 credits of work in either a thesis or externship experience. Transfer up to 10 units of approved course work from another law or graduate school, and the remaining courses can be completed during intensive summer and winter sessions. Thesis and externship experiences can be arranged in the locale of your choice.

Complete 26 Units and Earn a Master of Law (LLM) 

The LLM is a 26-unit program that can be completed in nine months by full-time students or in up to three years by part-time students. The Winter Intensive Program is one of many formats used for attorneys commuting for an LLM degree. Other formats include two weekend, five week, seven week and full semester formats in the afternoon and evenings. In addition the the intensive courses in Malibu, starting Fall 2016 students have the option to take intensive courses at our new West Los Angeles campus. Degree candidates will have the opportunity to select from five different LLM programs including LLM in Dispute Resolution (DR), LLM in International Commercial Arbitration (ICA), LLM in International Commercial Law and Arbitration (ICLA), LLM in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution (ICLDR) and LLM in United States Law and Dispute Resolution (USLDR).  Starting Fall 2017, Pepperdine will offer the LLM in United States Law and LLM in Entertainment, Media and Sports Law.