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JD/MDR Transfer Students

Students in other ABA-accredited law programs can transfer in up to 10 units of approved courses from their JD program, leaving 22 units of the 32 unit MDR program. These 22 units can be completed by taking 12 units during our summer program, participating in 2 Winter Intensive programs, and completing 6 units of their externship or thesis at a location of their choosing.

Winter Intensive 2 (2 units) Winter Intensive 2 (2 units)
During 2nd or 3rd Year (2 units) Externship Requirement (6 units)
Program for Pepperdine Students
(32 units)
Program for Non-Pepperdine Students
(32 units)
Pepperdine JD Electives (14 units) Transfer in up to 10 units
Summer Program (12 units) Summer Program (12 units)
Winter Intensive 1 (2 units) Winter Intensive 1 (2 units)