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Areas of Interest

What attracted you to law school? Perhaps it was a specific area of practice. Now you are curious how your future law school might prepare you to make that decision and succeed. Learn more about what is happening at Pepperdine in some of the most frequently discussed practice areas.


David Han teaching in front of a white board at the School of Law

Business and Tax

This concentration of study encompasses corporate law, securities law, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and more.

Courses offered cover areas such as mergers and acquisitions; international commercial arbitration, financing for high-tech start ups, and work place privacy.

Professor Bernie James teaching students who are on laptops


Get a grasp of courtroom procedures and defense strategies for cases that range from minor misdemeanors to first-degree murders.

Areas such as juvenile law; sentencing and corrections, white collar crime, domestic violence, and police practices are covered.

Professor Singh teaching Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University

Dispute Resolution

Studying Dispute Resolution helps you to become a more effective negotiator, peacemaker, and problem solver.

Courses cover subjects such as mediation theory, arbitration practice, environmental and public policy dispute resolution, and faith-based diplomacy.

student Whitney Williams speaking at the Pepperdine Staples classroom

Entertainment and Sports

This legal area involves matters such as intellectual property, privacy, defamation of character, or insurance matters. Pepperdine's proximity to Los Angles - a hub for music, TV, film, and sports - offers a particular advantage. 

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Legal Studies

For our student's convenience, our Legal Studies programis offered in an online format.

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International Law covers two primary areas - international commercial law and international human rights law.

This focus includes immigration and naturalization, international trade and finance, mergers, international tax matters, and much more. 

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Real Estate

This topic of law can include investment trusts, lenders, developers, landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate.

Real estate matters might involve landlord-tenant disputes, land use permissions, or environmental issues.

six Public Interest students pictured outside of the law school

Social Justice

Attorneys in this area work on that which benefits the public. This includes civil rights, protections for the disabled, the prevention of racial and gender discrimination, labor unions, and campaign finance reform.

Coursework offered also includes work with our Community Justice and Legal Aid Clinics.

Juris Doctor graduates at Pepperdine Caruso Law swearing-in ceremony

Juris Doctor (JD) at Pepperdine Caruso Law

We offer a traditional three-year JD, as well as accelerated and extended JD options. Through Experiential Learning and specialized Areas of Interest, Pepperdine provides a hands-on education that prepares students for meaningful careers.

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Global Programs

Pepperdine Caruso School of Law offers international study opportunities and Global Justice initiatives. Our reach extends to places like Uganda, London, Buenos Aires, and Augsburg, Germany.