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Extended JD Program

The Extended Option (EO) offers students the opportunity to complete a JD degree in more than the standard three-year format, with non-traditional students taking up to the maximum of seven years (84 months) to complete the JD degree. The students can choose a flexible program that allows them to be a part-time student or a full-time student, depending upon their other obligations. This option would allow students to work during law school so long as they are enrolled in less than twelve units. It would also allow students who have child care responsibilities to matriculate part-time during the day.

Extended JD Program Option

Admission and Transfer into the Extended Option

Students must be formally admitted into the Extended Option. The requirements for admission to the Extended Option are the same as the traditional three-year Juris Doctor Program requirements. Students applying for admission must declare on their applications their intention to participate in the Extended Option and which Extended Option schedule they plan to pursue. Students enrolled in the Extended Option must petition the Academic Dean if they wish to change the Extended Option schedule that they have selected to modify their projected date of graduation. Regular full-time students and Accelerated Option students must also petition the Academic Dean if they wish to transfer to an Extended Option schedule. Once the petition is granted, students may modify their semester unit load so that they are able to meet their new projected date of graduation.

The First Year of Law School

Students in the Extended Option must take all of the first year required courses. For students who elect to do the extended program in 3.5 or 4 years the first year of law school will look very similar to the first year for full-time students. However, for students who elect to take longer options-- 4.5, 5, 5.5 etc. years--the first year courses will be spread over several years and students will take some electives before completing all of their first year courses. 

Bar Passage

Those students who participate in the Extended Option for a period longer than four years will be required to take the Pepperdine bar preparation course. The purpose of this requirement is for students to have the opportunity to review courses they may have taken several years earlier.

Grades and Class Standing

Extended Option students are graded in the same manner as all other students. Class standing will be calculated at three points in the student's career: upon completion of their first year course work, after finishing 60 units of credit, and at graduation. Students will be ranked with the class nearest to them in total units. For example, if an Extended Option student finishes all of their first year courses at the end of two years, the Extended Option student will be ranked with students who finish their first year courses at the same time.

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