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Straus Students Visit San Francisco for Mini Study Tour in Dispute Resolution

The Straus Institute hosted a mini-study tour for its students for the second year on September 7-8 in San Francisco, in coordination with JAMS and the Weinstein International Foundation. A select group of LLM students joined the tour, along with senior director and adjunct professor Shaphan Roberts and professors Helen Winter and Sukhsimranjit Singh, who serves as assistant dean of graduate programs, a neutral at JAMS, and as a board member for the Weinstein International Foundation. 

The trip enabled students to explore alternative dispute resolution mechanisms around the world and hone unique skills by learning from the work of Weinstein International Foundation fellows visiting from around the world. Student Saltanat Imanova shared, β€œIt was a great pleasure to connect to so many ADR professionals from all over the world, have an amazing time, and see how the Weinstein Foundation has supported efforts to make this world better and more peaceful!”

Students also had a chance to interact with distinguished mediators and judges at this event. MDR Student Lindsey Kirchhoff shared, "Hearing remarks from Justice Sam Rugege and Judge Ann Claire Williams filled me with gratitude for their commitment to service and advancing the common good. Meeting the Weinstein JAMS International Fellows inspired me because they are trailblazers for peace and justice in their communities worldwide.  During our trip, we had the opportunity to discuss contemporary disputes with the Fellows. Oftentimes members of our profession are stereotyped as untrustworthy, arrogant, and insensitive, but through this experience, I met lawyers and mediators who exude integrity, humility, and compassion in their work. Our conversations demonstrated how a diverse group of individuals can generate profoundly creative solutions and has motivated me to further develop the art of listening well." 

Valentina Racanati shared, "The San Francisco Study Tour at JAMS headquarters in collaboration with the Weinstein International Foundation was a transformative journey that opened new doors of knowledge and opportunities. I am immensely grateful to the Straus Institute for this invaluable experience. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity!" Students were excited to gain insights for their future careers. Izabela Moriggi Costa stated, β€œI was able to discuss and connect with some of the best ADR professionals worldwide, providing me with great knowledge. I absolutely loved it and am excited to apply what I've learned in my future pursuits!”