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Straus Institute Hosts Landmark Dispute Resolution Conference

On June 18-19, 2019, the Straus Institute will host a landmark conference centered on dispute resolution teaching and methodology, in collaboration with American Bar Association and Texas A&M University's Aggie Dispute Resolution Program. Titled "Appreciating our Legacy and Engaging our Future," this international conference convenes leading academics, clinicians, adjuncts, and practitioners to discuss the history of and recent developments in ADR pedagogy and practice. Pioneering faculty from across the country will engage in thoughtful dialogue on topics from balancing legal skills, ethics and policy in the classroom to the impact of globalization and culture in research. Panel discussions will focus on a wide array of issues including the future of dispute resolution clinics and public service initiatives to bridge timely societal divides.

This event underscores the Institute's commitment to serving as a preeminent global academic center on dispute resolution, as it brings together an unparalleled group of teaching and research faculty, scholars, and practitioners from throughout the U.S. and abroad.

To view the agenda and list of speakers, please visit our website here