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School of Law Renovation Update

July 6, 2017 -- The School of Law renovation project charges ahead into the month of July, complete with two recent fire drills that were promptly responded to by all current occupants of the building.

Update from Assistant Dean Phillip C. Bohl:

The temporary walls that limit access to the curious are now fully erected; changing previously open spaces into special "tunnels" that protect from falling debris.

With the tunnels in place the Smith Atrium, demolition has begun in earnest. The ceiling, railings and lighting have all been removed along with the carpet and tile -- not much warmth in this space now, but plenty of scaffolding and the promise of marvelous wonders yet to be revealed!

Note that access from the main entrance of the building to the cafeteria (for example) requires some special navigation that optionally involves the little known "basement path." Hard to describe, but worth a try for those who have the stomach (and legs) for stairs.

The Caruso Auditorium is now a bare cavern of steel and concrete as demolition is nearly complete...yet another seemingly ordinary construction zone where the promise of future wonders gestates.

Please note that during the summer and for much of the project, we will be confined to the limits of tunnel travel in the south end of the building.