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School of Law Renovation Update

June 13, 2017 -- The School of Law renovation project continues into its fourth week while faculty, staff, students, and recent graduates who are studying for the Bar Exam continue to use the law building and its facilities.

Update from Assistant Dean Phillip C. Bohl:

The labyrinth of scaffolding in the Lon V. Smith Atrium houses a debris chute which will assist the contractor with removing existing ceiling and wall treatments to make way for a newly designed interior for the atrium.

Since the new men's restroom will be occupying a portion of the space formerly occupied by the Quiet Gym, the gym was temporarily relocated to SR2 during construction.

The work in Caruso Auditorium began with the removal of the desks, the steel posts that supported the desks, and then the carpet, which was glued down very well, necessitating a jackhammer chisel to effectively and efficiently remove it.

Following the jackhammer, a crew removed the ceiling and the interior walls, including the old air walls (moveable walls) in the auditorium.