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Professor Chris Goodman Presents "AI and Privacy" -- University of Colorado Law

Professor Christine Chambers Goodman presented "AI and Privacy" at the 32nd Annual Ira C. Rothgerber Jr. Conference held at the University of Colorado Law School on April 19.  Professor Goodman spoke about uses of AI technologies in the employment space, and the privacy implications of recent ordinances requiring algorithmic impact assessments. The panel included Paul Ohm of Georgetown University Law Center; Scott Skinner-Thompson of University of Colorado Law; and Spencer Overton of George Washington University Law. Other panel presentations focused on interpretation of the Constitution and the First Amendment. The conference, titled "AI and the Constitution," was co-sponsored by the Byron R. White Center at Colorado Law and Silicon Flatirons.

From Colorado Law:

This panel explores the challenges of protecting the right to privacy in the context of the explosion of AI. The discussion will range from how privacy can and should be protected from a wide angle lens to more granular assessments. More specifically, the panelists will consider: the challenge of defining and protecting “sensitive” information; the need for data privacy protections tailored to marginalized groups to guard against exploitation, oversurveillance and political deception; the dangers of law enforcement’s use of facial recognition technology; and the efficacy of groundbreaking local laws that require impact assessments for algorithms used in hiring decisions.

The panel discussion may be viewed at 2024 Rothgerber Conference: AI and Privacy