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NEW Global Justice Internships!

April 19, 2017 -- Students, Pepperdine Global Justice Program is thrilled to announce the opportunity to intern in Uganda during the Fall or Spring semester! The two available positions are with the Technical Advisor to the Judiciary, Andrew Khaukha.

This opportunity functions like the other 10-unit externships in DC or with the US courts. In order to remain a full-time student, a minimum of 12-units is required. We are happy to explore with you the options you have in determining how to enroll in two additional units if this is something you are interested in doing.

As the Technical Advisor to the Judiciary, Andrew Khaukha is the project manager on the Uganda side of the Memorandum of Understanding with Pepperdine and spearheads the judicial reforms in Uganda. The implementation of plea bargaining, the current pilot project for the new public defender office, and many other changes in Uganda are happening because of Andrew's efforts toward bettering his country. The position is fast-paced and high intensity, but also high-impact. If you have a desire to assist Uganda in providing a stronger justice system for its people, particularly oppressed and vulnerable, this is an opportunity worth considering.

The application process for this program is very fluid. If you are interested in applying or just want to hear more, reach out to Jenna DeWalt at jenna.dewalt@pepperdine.edu.