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Just a Quick Note

by Jay Milbrandt

Today was a rather busy day.  I spent most of the morning at Immigration trying to get my multiple entry visa.  It only took a few seconds because I had a special note from the court, but the immigration officials were in really long meetings all morning, so it did not get finished until the afternoon.

Late in the afternoon, we met with the Chief Justice.  We had a great conversation with him and he is a very interesting fellow.  I hope we can have him to Pepperdine soon!

Tomorrow will be even busier!  I need to run out to the IJM offices, then we are touring the prison, then I have to pick up my Passport at Immigration, then we have to tour the speaking venue, then visiting with Justice Lugaiyizi, then picking up the Starrs at Entebbe!  Whew!  Not sure if I'll get a post off tomorrow or not.  We will see!