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JBEL Editorial Board for 2018-2019

March 27, 2018 | The Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship, and the Law (JBEL) is pleased to announce the JBEL Editorial Board for 2018-2019:


Calvin Jonker

Managing Editor:

Kennedy Poe

Literary Citation Editors:

James Oh

Alexis Dunne

Roman Smith (Fall)

Business Editor (Production & Finance):

Roman Smith

Lead Articles Editors:

Spencer Wolfe

Jackie Kwong (Fall)

Note & Comment Editors:

Zach Foge

Jackie Kwong

Symposium Editor:

Christiana Ko

Business Editor (Marketing/Online Forum Content):

Amber Zamora

Associate Editors:

Victor Kirui

Spencer Wolfe (Fall)

Zach Foge (Fall)