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Dispute Resolution Law Journal Announces Publication of Volume XXIII, Issue 2, and Selected Student Articles for Volume XXIV

The Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal (DRLJ) is pleased to announce the publication of its second and final issue of Volume XXIII. In addition to scholarly works by authors from across the country and world, Issue 2 features the following pieces by graduating DRLJ members Brice Barnes and Francesca Pinto:

  • Barnes’s article, Deterrence Defeats Doping: How Arbitration Can Resolve Major League Baseball's Performance-Enhancing Drug Problem, analyzes the prevalence of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in Major League Baseball and its relation to the collective bargaining agreement between players and management; the article proposes arbitration as a solution to amend the PED policy during collective bargaining.
  • Pinto’s article, Managing Multiplicity: Consolidating Parallel Arbitration Proceedings for Renewal Energy Disputes, addresses how climate change concerns have transformed the regulatory landscape and overall attitude toward the energy industry on a global scale, prompting large-scale investment in renewal energy projects but also increasing the risk of parallel proceedings before international arbitration tribunals; the article identifies the risks of such proceedings in the context of renewal energy disputes while suggesting a consolidation framework for the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Arbitration Rules.

The full issue may be found on the DRLJ Digital Commons page

Additionally, the DRLJ is pleased to announce the following student articles that have been selected for publication in next year’s Volume XXIV:

  • A Polygamist Proposal: How Dispute Resolution Techniques Provide Solutions in the Polygamy Debate, by Ellie Martinez
  • Bargaining for Justice: Implementing the United States Military’s ADR Into Police Departments, by Christian Griego
  • Deserts Still Need Water: Using ADR Processes to Support Rural Residents and Counter the Challenges Stemming from the Shortage of Lawyers in the Great American Legal Desert, by Whitney Heuermann
  • Digital Coercive Control (DCC): The Role of Platforms in Victims' (In)justice & Potential for Online Dispute Resolution, by Reeve Lanigan
  • Expanding the Role of Victim–Offender Mediation in the Criminal Justice System: Mediating Cases of Involuntary Manslaughter, by Doyeon Kim
  • Not Your Mother's Marriage: Utilizing Intergenerational Trauma-Informed Divorce Mediation to Discourage Unhealthy Relational Cycles in Children of Divorce, by Abigail Davis

The DRLJ editorial team may be reached at pepperdinedrljournal@gmail.com