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Pepperdine | Caruso School of Law


by Lizz Alvarez (JD '08),

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted - I haven't had access to the internet but I'm pleased to report all is going well here.

We have been treated very well by our gracious hosts. The three of us Joey, and myself have our own office in the Appellate Court/Constitutional Courthouse and have been given leave to use at our leisure any and all resources limited they may be this government and judicary have to offer.

The Courthouse where our office is located is right smack in the middle of Parliament Avenue, across the street from the High Court and the Parliament building. It's amazing.

The work is amazing - we spent about a week getting situated, figuring out how we would even DO legal research here, and talking to judges.

We've been blessed with many opportunities for some awesome case opinions! I got to draft the opinion that makes Female Genital Mutilation illegal! This has been a passion of mine and some of you may be aware that I had been working on an article on the subject back in the states.

Joey is working on a constitutional appeal dealing with the rules of evidence and the disclosure of materials to an accused before trial.

Kevin and I are working on big case right now that deals with the rights of prisoners in Ugandan jails including but not limited to: the right to a speedy and fair trial; the right to bail; habeas corpus; prison conditions; right to be free from the excessive use of force; the right of prisoners to have access to the necessities of life water, etc. It's really time consuming - there is A LOT to read through, but it's very rewarding.

Additionally, I am working on a couple of research assignments from the Chief Justice, Benjamin Odoki - one on the role of the Constitutional Court in upholding the rule of law, and one on the role of the Courts in economic development.

More will come as we are able!!