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Dean Tacha Featured Speaker at Women's Lifelong Learning Lecture Series

March 16, 2017 | By Alexa Brown—Pepperdine Law Dean Deanell Tacha was the featured speaker at the Women's Lifelong Learning Lecture Series, hosted by Kathy Danhakl (GSEP '02) and the Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology[BROKEN LINK].

The program started with a reading of "Phenomenal Woman," a poem written by Maya Angelo, followed by an invocation over the crowd. Dean Helen Easterling Williams of the Graduate School of Education and Psychology introduced special guest speaker, Dean Tacha.

Tacha began by speaking on where to draw inspiration from. "No one can tell you how to be a leader," she claimed. "You are phenomenal, and the source of your own strength—we cannot forget that. One of the most important lessons I learned early on was don't look outside of yourself, look inside yourself. Be truthful with what you are good at, and brutally honest about what you aren't good about....leaders are those among us who are enabling and teaching other generations."

Tacha lectured on ways to stay inspired, how to face adversity, and how she has dealt with difficult decisions in her life. "Reach down, be who you are, never adapt to anyone else's model," she urged.

About the Women's Lifelong Lecture Series:

Designed for an elite group of women, the purpose of this series of presentations is to assist women in staying abreast of current events and establishing sound, logical, and innovative positions related to issues that shape our world and finding solutions to the complex questions of the day. The next lecture will take place April 13th.