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Alumni Update -- Mohamed Sweify (LLM '15)

Alumnus Mohamed Sweify (LLM '15), recently reached a milestone in his post-Straus graduate work at Fordham Law School. On April 24th he presented a public defense of his 50-page SJD proposal. At that event, he made the case for pursuing an in-depth examination of the effects of third party funding (TPF) on international commercial and investment arbitration.  TPF as a vehicle for expanding access to justice has in recent years become an activity not only associated with litigation, but with arbitration. Its impact on arbitration, however, has yet to be fully explored. Especially in connection with investor-State arbitration, myriad issues arise when a non-party finances a claimant's arbitral action in exchange for receiving a portion of any proceeds generated.  Moving forward, Mohamed's SJD work will examine many of these issues in detail.

As an LLM candidate at Straus, Mohamed took several courses with Professor Jack Coe, and produced a thesis under the supervision of Professor Thomas Stipanowich, titled "Investment-Environment Disputes--Challenges and Proposals".  The essay was later published in the DePaul Business and Commerce Law Journal. Since graduating from Straus, Mohamed has published several other articles on international arbitration and related dispute resolution topics.

Mohamed's professional life is centered in Egypt. He is fluent in English and Arabic.