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77 Alumni Admissions Ambassadors Help Recruit the Class of 2021

August 7, 2018 | This year, 77 alumni from locations across the world participated in the Alumni Admissions Ambassadors Program by helping recruit the Class of 2021. The program focused on individual phone calls and in-person meetings where the admitted students could ask questions about the student experience, landing a job after law school, the Pepperdine Law Alumni network, and any other area of interest.

Special recognition goes to several Alumni Admissions Ambassadors: Alex Caruso (JD '17), who contacted every admitted student from his undergraduate alma mater, University of Southern California; Board of Advisors member Steve DeLorenz (JD '86), who called almost every admitted student from his home state of New York; Brett LoVollette (JD '10), who called international students from his office in Tokyo, Japan; and Kai Lawrence (JD '11), who met with an admitted student in Hawaii and brought him along to a local bar association event.

In addition, the other 73 alumni who participated include: Alice Anderson (JD '17), Ryan Anderson (JD '17), James Azadian (JD '01), Cory Baker (JD '16), David Boyadhzyan (JD '16), Thomas Boyd (JD '13), Jake Brown (JD '16), Michael Casco (JD '17), Melissa Cerro (JD '14), Fhanysha Clark (JD '17), Robert Coleman (JD '11),  Bianca Delgehru (JD '17), Katelin Eastman (JD '15), Anthony Ellis (JD '15), Brian Fahy (JD '09), Thomas Fessler (JD '83), Tracey Fouche (JD '12), Jessica Freitas (JD '17), Brian Gabriel (JD '17), Michael Garcia (JD '08), Rebeka Gardner (JD '17), Ryan Gardner (JD '16), Jim Gash (JD '93), Frank Gatto (JD '10), Ben Gifford (JD '11), Daniel Greenbaum (JD '09), Danielle Guerrero (JD '11), Matt Henegar (JD '99), Josh Herr (JD '14), Zna Houston (JD '87), Stephanie Howaniec (JD '15), Jessica Johnson (JD '13), Tyler Johnson (JD '15), Alexis Joyce (JD '14), Shelby Kail (JD '17), Andrew Kasabian (JD '16), William Kellogg (JD '16), Victoria Kovanis (JD '12), Matt Kraus (JD '08), Josh Krebs (JD '10), Amber Kruggel (JD '17), Annie Lawson (JD '14), Reg Levy (JD '11), Capri Maddox (JD '01), Jordan Matthews (JD '17), William McBride (JD '02), Cameron McCollum (JD '17), Carly McKeeman (JD '08), David Moreshead (JD '15), Kelsey Morris (JD '11), Kelly Moran (JD '09), Linaja Murray (JD '16), John Niemeyer (JD '15), Natasha Niemeyer (JD '15), Melissa Oakes (JD '10), Sonya Ostovar (JD '15), Sarah Peter (JD '12), Jim Rishwain (JD '84), Ashley Robinson (JD '17), Melody Rodriguez (JD '12), Brian Simas (JD '09), Adam Sherman (JD '17), Joel Sherwin (JD '10), Kari Sowers (JD '08), Cory Stephenson (JD '13), Dave Sugden (JD '01), Sarah Thornsberry (JD '14), Charlie Walker (JD '15), Shannon Ward (JD '15), Jody Weinberg (JD '94), Jake Zuniga (JD'03).

Dean of Admissions Shannon Phillips said, "Nothing is more valuable to admitted students than hearing the personal experiences from our alumni. There is no one better than one of our own to answer their questions and tell them about the value of their degree and the Pepperdine Law network."

To sign up for next year's program, please contact Alumni Director Jessie Fahy (JD '11) at jessie.fahy@pepperdine.edu. Thank you so much to all our alumni who participated in recruiting this year's class of future alumni!