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Conference resources

Posted by: Leonard L. Riskin, University of Florida, Levin College of Law

1. The Dispute Resolution and Lawyers Videotape Series, Directed by Leonard Riskin & Deborah Doxsee (West, 1991), is now available at no charge on the website of the Initiative on Mindfulness in Law and Dispute Resolution, http://www.law.ufl.edu/imldr/resources/multimedia.shtml
These videos, made to introduce dispute resolution to first-year law students are used in many settings.
Tape I. Negotiation of Medical Malpractice Case
Tape II. Negotiation of Transaction
Tape III. Mediation
Tape IV. Choosing or Building a Dispute Resolution Process. 

2. Symposium on Mindfulness in Law and Dispute Resolution, Havard Law School (2002). Available at http://www.law.ufl.edu/imldr/resources/harvardsym.shtml.

3. The Mindful Lawyer Conference, University of California, Berkeley School of Law, Oct. 2010. Audio, video and written materials available at http://www.mindfullawyerconference.org/resources.htm.

Posted by: Carrie Menkel-Meadow, University of California, Irvine Law School

1. The Lawyers Role(s) in Deliberative Democracy - 5 Nev. L. Rev. 347-369 (2005) Nevada Law Review, Vol. 5, p. 347. Written by Carrie Menkel-Meadow.

Posted by: Ellen Waldman

1. Mediation Ethics: Cases and Commentaries - Nov. 2010 Excerpts: Pages 113-125 and 135-153. Ellen Waldman.

Posted by: Melissa L. Nelken

1. Negotiation and Psychoanalysis: If I'd Wanted to Learn About Feelings, I Wouldn't Have Gone to Law School, 46 J. Legal Educ. 420 (1996)

Posted by: Douglas N. Frenkel 

1. The Practice of Mediation: The Ethics of Mediating, Written by Douglas N. Frenkel and James H. Stark

Posted by: Art Hinshaw

1. Teaching Negotiation Ethics, Written by Art Hinshaw

Posted by: Hal Abramson

1. ADR in Business: Practice and Issues across Countries and Cultures Volume II, Edited by Arnold Ingen-Housz (2011)