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Pepperdine | Caruso School of Law

Tricks of the TRADE Presented at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law

Malibu, California

June 21-22, 2011

Conference Organizers:
Jay Folberg, Dwight Golann, Peter Robinson, and Tom Stipanowich
Supported by a generous grant from the JAMS Foundation

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We invite law faculty from around the world who are interested in comparing approaches and gathering new ideas for teaching, as well as discussing the relationship between ADR in the classroom and in law practice.

This two-day conference will combine plenary sessions focusing on teaching all types of ADR courses with breakout tracks for professors interested in mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and ADR overview (survey) courses.

All sessions will emphasize interactive discussion among panelists and seminar participants.


1. Those Who Do Not Know History…

What does the past tell us about the future of teaching ADR in law schools? Cycles? Trends? What is different? What is the same?

Panelists: Jay Folberg, Eric Green, Randy Lowry, Len Riskin, and Nancy Rogers
Facilitator: Peter Robinson

2. Fitting ADR into Your Law School Curriculum

Content and acceptance? First-year curriculum? Required or electives courses? Number of courses and faculty resources? Certificate, masters, and LLM programs? Faculty resistance? Creating mediation and arbitration clinics?

Panelists: Jim Coben, John Lande, Lela Love, and Karen Tokarz
Facilitator: Art Hinshaw

3. Balancing Academic Understanding with Skills Development

How much do we teach to the world as it is versus the world as we want it to become?

Panelists: Hal Abramson, Dwight Golann, Melissa Nelken, Jackie Nolan-Haley,
and Josh Stulberg
Facilitator: John Barkai.


The conference will also include a series of breakout sessions.

Topic and Track Leaders:

Negotiation -  Russell Korobkin and Andrea Schneider

Mediation -  Dwight Golann and Lela Love

Arbitration -  Sarah Cole and Thomas Stipanowich

ADR Survey -  Richard Birke and Jan Martinez


Please register and list your contact information and the breakout track that you are most likely to attend. The first 50 full-time faculty members to register will attend this conference for free supported by a JAMS Foundation grant. Food and materials costs for others will be $100.


JAMS has agreed to use its best efforts to arrange observations of mediations for any interested conference participant. These observations may occur in Southern California on June 20 or in cities near the participant’s home. More information on arranging observations will be provided following conference registration.

AFTER THE CONFERENCE – June 23-25, 2011

Full-time law faculty are invited to attend Pepperdine’s Professional Skills Program featuring 13 simultaneous ADR workshops for free as a faculty scholar. For more information about this program go to law.pepperdine.edu/straus/training-and-conferences/professional-skills-program-summer. This optional additional program will begin at 8:30 a.m. on June 23 and conclude at 1 p.m. on June 25.

For further information please contact Lori Rushford at (310) 506-6342 or lori.rushford@pepperdine.edu.  Area hotel list will be sent with your confirmation email.  The Villa Graziadio Executive Center, located on the Pepperdine campus, has a special daily rate of $159 plus tax for participants in this program and the Professional Skills Program.