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Mediating the Litigated Case - Switzerland Edition

An unforgettable destination program for experienced litigators, in-house counsel, and other practioners. 

We have been at the forefront of teaching dispute resolution, and now we are taking the program international. Our distinguished faculty, featuring nationally-recognized experts, will equip you with timely skills to advance your professional goals.  What better way to elevate your experience than with the stunning views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps. 

Save the Date: Sept. 18-22

Location: Geneva, Switzerland (at Pepperdine's newest campus: Chateau d'Hauteville)

**Discounted accommodations will be available at the Chateau

If you are interested in participating, please contact Deborah Jasmin for more information. 

Learn More about Mediating the Litigated Case

A sophisticated 40-hour program, Mediating the Litigated Case (MLC), is geared for experienced litigators, in-house counsel, and other practitioners. Professionals can study the mediation of litigated cases to either become a mediator or to be a better advocate. Since 2000 over 3,400 people have participated in the MLC training program and have included participants from 44 states and 32 countries.

The recent surge in mediation's popularity signifies a dramatic shift in the practice of law. Attorneys are now using professional neutrals to facilitate settlement negotiations for litigated cases. In the past, settlement efforts in the litigation arena have been limited to settlement conferences in which the focus is usually on the judge's case evaluation. As increasing numbers of courts are requiring parties to mediate in order to accommodate an overburdened legal system, there is a growing demand for professionals who, in addition to being able to evaluate a case, can also facilitate negotiations between adversarial parties to reach innovative solutions.

Now lawyers and other established professionals can use their expertise to break into a new area of practice with tremendous possibilities. The Mediating the Litigated Case program offers a unique opportunity to learn about the mediation process in a format geared specifically toward civil litigation cases. Taught by experienced lawyers, who have made the transition from litigation to mediation practice, course participants will learn the essential skills required to serve as mediators.

The program will focus on the various stages of the process, identifying and working with different negotiation styles, and facilitating problem-solving regardless of whether the case involves a contractual, tort, personal injury, employment, partnership, or securities issues.

In addition to providing mediation skills training, the program will deal with issues specific to the adversarial setting including managing attorney advocates, the parameters of confidentiality, and concerns about discovery. It will also focus on issues of particular concern to attorney-mediators including the proscription against dual representation, providing legal advice, conflicts of interest, drafting mediation agreements, and other ethical dilemmas.

What Program Participants Have to Say About Mediating the Litigated Case

"This is a tremendous program and a must for anyone entering the mediation profession. The program is led by a very knowledgeable, experienced and focused faculty which not only covers the nuts and bolts of a mediation practice but also the theory that underlies it. The instructors are focused and inspirational and have experience that allows them to cover mediation from a national and international perspective and the course materials are excellent. I highly recommend it. " Pat K.

"The MLC course exceeded my expectations in every way. The instructors were engaging, unique in their styles, and, most importantly, approachable. My classmates shared a vision for peacemaking and I think we all left the class feeling like we had made a new set of friends. I learned not just valuable lessons about being a mediator, but new perspectives on life and people generally. " Alex S.

"I cannot recommend the MLC training seminar highly enough. As a trial attorney for nearly 30 years, who has participated in hundreds of mediations as an advocate, I was humbled by how much I did not know about how good mediators manage mediations. I learned so much and cannot say enough good things about the quality of all the faculty and the quality of the training. I also found the small number of participants to be a huge positive as we got to know each other and the contributions of the very accomplished "students" brought the training to another level of excellence. My only "complaints" are that I wanted more time to delve even more deeply into the subject matter and that I missed out on attending on campus due to COVID, but the use of the Zoom format was handled really well. I highly recommend this course for anyone considering moving into mediation. I don't think you could find better training anywhere."  Kimberlee C.