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Wanted: Supreme Court Justices (Advanced Constitutional Law)

Wanted: Supreme Court Justices
No previous experience or messy confirmation necessary.

Ambassador Kmiec's advanced constitutional law – Supreme Court seminar has a number of available vacancies. To secure your seat on the bench as your favorite Supreme Court justice, ask now.

Any second or third year student who has completed at least one or more courses in constitutional law is invited to express interest to the ambassador. The course is a lively and invigorating way to sharpen constitutional law skills, become familiar with the court's present docket, while experiencing the high-profile life of a Supreme Court advocate as well as that of a particular judicial personality.

The present term of the Supreme Court term has been described by Justice Ginsburg as potentially "momentous." The term is cases dealing with subjects from partisan gerrymandering; to the scope and duty of public accommodations to serve same-sex couples; to the alleged taking of private property by the patent office; to the scope of protection for whistleblowers; to the warrantless seizure and search of historical cell phone records; to whether federal law invades authority reserved to the states in connection with federal prohibitions of online gaming; to whether the First Amendment requires the overruling of past precedent dealing with public sector agency shop arrangements; to whether requiring certain reproductive facts be stated by medical personnel contradicts the First Amendment; and much more.

The syllabus is available upon request. Please email Amb. Kmiec at dkmiec@pepperdine.edu.

The Course is scheduled to meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 to 12:30 PM in seminar room 4. Students assume individual judicial personalities and write an opinion in a pending case that fulfills the advanced writing requirement of the law school.