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Taking Uganda Home in More Ways Than One

Coming back from Uganda and being home again is definitely bittersweet. I couldn't wait to see my friends and family, machine wash my clothes, and gorge myself with Mexican food, but now that I'm here I keep imagining going back. No, not because school starts again on Monday, but because sometimes I have to convince myself that this summer actually happened. Although I received phenomenal legal experience in the court, a lot of what I am taking away comes from the people.

Ugandans are incredibly forthright, friendly people. They have taught me a lot about gratitude, patience, and friendship. Through visiting the kids at the KICK foundation, talking with the boys (and girl) at the remand home, and establishing friendships at the Family Division, I've learned gratitude for even the smallest things I have been given in life. I also realized that friendships can start in very unexpected ways and sometimes it just takes a little patience for something great to reveal itself.

In addition to the hands on legal experience and great people, the ten of us in the program had amazing opportunities to see Uganda outside of the city of Kampala. Some of us went on a water safari, a game drive and rafted on class 5 rapids down the Nile. These once in a lifetime excursions are events that will always remain in our memory. Unfortunately, I was the one who took back something a little more tangible from the Nile, but a little bad for a lot of good is fine with me!