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Summer Stipends for Public Interest Fellowships Application 2019

Due: April 5, 2019, by 5:00pm | Each summer, several programs within Pepperdine Law offer funding to students volunteering in public interest law. The programs' purpose is to encourage students toward work in public interest law when they otherwise could not afford to volunteer. To streamline the application process, a single application will be considered for all Pepperdine Law public interest funding programs, including the Global Justice Program.

To be eligible for a summer fellowship, a student must secure an unpaid position in a public interest or non-profit organization in which the student will work under the supervision of a licensed attorney, and will engage primarily in legal work. Placements in domestic governmental or judicial offices, including prosecutors' offices, do not qualify for summer fellowships unless the agency is providing direct legal services specifically to indigent people or underserved communities. International governmental or judicial offices in developing nations do qualify for summer fellowships.

Students should read the application itself for more details. Placements that qualify for stipends in this program will also qualify for pro bono credit, and students may receive credit for their placements in addition to the stipend.

Applications are available in the Office of Financial Assistance.

**The deadline for application is April 5, 2019 by 5PM.**

Please contact Professor Baker at jeff.baker@pepperdine.edu with any questions regarding eligibility.