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The Sudreau Global Justice Institute Announces Anti-Human Trafficking Lab and War Crimes Class for Fall

The Sudreau Global Justice Institute is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring two classes this fall. As usual, we will be hosting the Anti-Human Trafficking Lab, a two semester course that takes a deep dive into the issue of human trafficking and possible legislative solutions. We will also be offering a new class, War Crimes. The War Crimes class will be taught by Jacqueline Isaac, an amazing attorney who is working to prosecute ISIS for their crimes in the Middle East. More information is included below, but please reach out to our Institute if you have further questions!

Anti-Human Trafficking Lab I: Pepperdine's Anti-Trafficking Legislation Lab is a practical, cutting edge class designed to equip students to be effective advocates for legislative change by working as a cohesive team to research and propose new, effective solutions to the human trafficking epidemic in California. A 2 unit course, the practicum features lectures from some of the brightest minds fighting trafficking and drafting policy. Practically applying this knowledge to written projects – in conjunction with community-wide partnerships – students participate in creating tomorrow's solutions. Students in Lab I focus on understanding the intricacies of human trafficking from all angles, and culminates with the writing of an op-ed to increase public awareness of the issue. It is recommended that students who enroll in the first semester of the lab also enroll in the second semester.

War Crimes Class: War Crimes, a 2 unit class, is the study of the evolution and application of the rules governing the initiation and conduct of war, and of the treatment of combatants and civilians during time of war. The Professor, Jacqueline Isaac, will teach about the history and prosecution of war crimes, and will use her experience working to prosecute ISIS in International Courts to bring the material to life in its practical application.