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Student Organization Documents | Due February 24

Due February 24, 5:00PM | Deadline for ALL student organizations to submit updated paperwork to the student life office, which includes an updated student roster, signed acknowledgement form, and constitution (see pages 28-31 in the SBA Manual here).  Check out the SBA TWEN site here to find your student organization's constitution and other paperwork currently on file with the student life office.

The student life office must have a constitution on file for each active student organization but any changes to a previously approved constitution must be reapproved by the faculty committee. Therefore, if you are making any changes to your constitution, please submit the edits by this deadline so the faculty committee can approve it by the end of the semester (the approval process may take a few months). If you are NOT making any changes to your current constitution, there is no need to resubmit your constitution but the updated student roster and signed acknowledgement form still need to be submitted. Also, the only information required for the student rosters are the officers' names and the total number of students registered with your student organization.

If the student life office does not have all three documents on file by 5pm on Monday, February 24th, the student organization will not be considered active and therefore will not have access to any SBA funds. Please email Jamie Domke at jamie.domke@pepperdine.edu with any questions about this process or if you would like to request an extension.