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Spring Break in Uganda

March 2018 | By Sarah Parker

1 Bus. 2 Planes. Another Bus. 24 Hours of travel later—arrived in Kampala, Uganda.

Jinja, Uganda — 1 prison. 2 days. 51 cases completed. Plea bargaining in the rain.

The case that made the whole trip worth it was a man who was accused of the wrong crime. He was accused of aggravated robbery, which can result in a life sentence.

He should have only been charged with possession of a stolen firearm.

He didn't even know the bag his nephew gave him to hold onto to had a gun in it.

He has been sitting in jail for almost 2 years with no idea when he will be given a trial.

After working on his behalf, he made a plea deal.

He will only have about 2 years left in jail.

Then he can go home.

Kampala, Uganda — 4 days. 2 conferences. Lots of printing. Thank goodness for technical support.

Women in leadership Conference— 1 day. Lots of name tags and certificates. Judiciary, Parliament, Police, The First Lady

Gender-based violence is prevalent in Uganda, especially in the rural villages. People came together to discuss how to protect the women and girls in the country and how to give them a future and a hope.

Anti Trafficking in Persons Conference—2 days. More name tags and certificates. Judges, lawyers, Parliament, prison officials, police, Willow International, and the Human Trafficking Institute

Training people from all sectors on how to enforce a well-written Ugandan Statute making human trafficking a crime.

Without enforcement, that statute goes unused and traffickers go unpunished.

17 students. 1.5 weeks. Incredible Spring Break in the Pearl of Africa.

Student Sarah Parker talks to a child in Uganda