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Pepperdine | Caruso School of Law

Sponsorship Program

Friends, alumni, and law firms can make an enormous contribution to the International Human Rights Program by pledging to support individual Pepperdine students serving summer placements. Each student serving a summer placement makes an international impact by committing 300-500 hours of pro bono legal service.

Click here to read student and project profiles.

Levels of sponsorship range from $2,500 – 5,000. The level is based upon the specific student's project which will be highlighted on this website.

How far could your money go?
• You could support one summer law clerk in Africa.
• You could support one Global Justice Taskforce project.
• You could support an International Human Rights placement.

Return on Your Investment.

If you participate in the Sponsorship Program, you can view student profiles and corresponding summer projects on our blog www.WavesOfJustice.com. Through our office, you may choose the student you wish to support, then follow along with them throughout the summer.

You will receive a pre-trip briefing on that law student's work and you can follow the student's activities on the weekly www.WavesOfJustice.com blog. You will receive a post-trip report from the law student and be invited to a reception and story-sharing event.

Click here to read student and project profiles.

To sponsor a student intern or project, contact Jay Milbrandt at jay.milbrandt@pepperdine.edu or call 310-506-4734.