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Major League Baseball Agent and Caruso Law Alumna Rachel Luba Joins Contracts Class

Caruso School of Law alumna Rachel Luba (JD '16) is one of the most exciting figures off the field in Major League Baseball (MLB). As the youngest female MLB agent, Forbes recently named her to its coveted annual 30 Under 30 list. The founder of Luba Sports and a former UCLA gymnast turned competitive boxer, she runs the first ever female-owned agency. During her first offseason as a Player-Agent, Luba negotiated her first contract worth $17.5M for Starting Pitcher Trevor Bauer, making him the second-highest paid salary arbitration eligible pitcher in history.

Her success in the sports industry is no secret, and Luba found an unexpected fan in Professor Blake Morant's wife, Paulette. As a "major baseball fan," Paulette urged Professor Morant to invite Luba to speak to his Contracts class. Luba eagerly agreed to join the class and take questions about her career experience just before the semester ends. She explained how going into law school, she knew from the very start that she wanted to be a baseball agent. Luba described this "narrow" approach to her legal education as unconventional but necessary to achieve her career goal of becoming an agent. She also described how her decision to attend Caruso Law hinged upon the sole fact that the sports law program participated in the Baseball Arbitration Competition hosted annually by Tulane University.

Professor Morant held a lively session with Luba and asked her to explain to what extent she deals in contract principles in her work as a sports agent. Luba replied, "One of the most important aspects of understanding contracts is the importance of all the clauses." Contracts are a fundamental element of entertainment and sports law.

Luba also expressed her gratitude for the professors and Pepperdine community members who have reached out to say how proud they are of her success.