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Professors Bob Pushaw and Derek Muller contribute to "American Governance"

February 7, 2016 -- Pepperdine Law professors Robert J. Pushaw and Derek Muller have published articles in a new reference book for high school and college students, titled American Governance (Stephen Schechter et al. eds., Macmillan 2016).  American Governance contains "700 original, peer-reviewed entries written by content specialists about America's complete system of government."

Articles by Professors Bob Pushaw and Derek Muller:

American Constitutional Development Since 1980 (Pushaw)

Compact Clause (Muller)

Overview of American Governance from Cengage Learning:

While high school and college students will find in American Governance clear and authoritative depictions of ideas that are core to the U.S. system of governance, their teachers will be able to use this resource as an extension of, or even as a substitute for, the textbooks supporting government and civics classes. Public library patrons as well as readers in institutional libraries (newsrooms, government libraries, etc.) will find answers in American Governance on all questions related to the variety of ways by which the American people govern themselves – from their constitutions and governments to the political norms and ideals that guide their actions as citizens and leaders; to local communities, civic associations, and political associations people form for collective deliberation and action; and to the relationships they form with their elected representatives.