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Pepperdine Law Review Sorenson Spotlight Series: Christian Johnston

The Pepperdine Law Review is proud to present its June Sorenson Spotlight. The Sorenson Spotlight is a series showcasing past Sorenson Writing Award recipients. The Ronald M. Sorenson Memorial Writing Award is presented each year to the member of the law review who submits the most well-written, thoroughly researched, and intellectually engaging comment or note. The Sorenson Spotlight Series features many outstanding award recipients and highlights what they are doing now.

For the June edition, the Pepperdine Law Review is thrilled to spotlight Christian W. Johnston. Johnston received the Sorenson Award for his article, "Agostini v. Felton: Redefining the Establishment of Religion Through a Modification of the Lemon Test," which was published in Volume 26, Issue 2 of the Pepperdine Law Review. Johnston is an accomplished legal professional currently serving as the associate general counsel at Loma Linda University Health, a prestigious academic medical center located in Loma Linda, California. With a strong background in law and a passion for healthcare, Johnston plays a pivotal role in the organization, providing expert legal advice and guidance. In addition to his legal pursuits, Johnston is currently pursuing a theological education at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Recognized for his professionalism, integrity, and unwavering commitment to serving the church, Johnston has spent the past few decades representing the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its various institutions, primarily in healthcare and higher education. His multifaceted expertise in law, combined with his theological studies, positions him as a valuable asset to Loma Linda University Health and the broader Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The Pepperdine Law Review appreciates Johnston for his continuing support of the law review.