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John Napier (JD/MDR '09) and Corrie Napier (MDR '20) Give Special Presentation on Conflict Resolution

Pepperdine Caruso Law and Straus Institute alumni John Napier (JD/MDR '09) and Corrie Napier (MDR '20) returned to Caruso Law to give a special presentation on conflict resolution.  John and Corrie Napier also serve as Straus Institute adjunct professors, teaching Cross-Cultural Conflict and Dispute Resolution over the summer. Professor Helen Winter hosted and facilitated the presentation, which took place on June 24.

Corrie Napier is a conflict consultant, trainer, mediator, and international education professional who speaks Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and English. She draws daily on her decade of experience living and working internationally, including in China, Argentina, and Israel. John Napier is an experienced attorney and legal practice partner who works in the law, entrepreneurship, and alternative dispute resolution industries. He specializes in international mediation and arbitration, negotiation, business and NGO development, international law, and governmental entitlements and appeals.

John and Corrie Napier are the founders of Pax Napier, an international consultancy and mediation organization, serving organizations of all sizes as well as individuals, helping to find creative paths toward lasting unity and resolution of conflicts. The Napiers shared invaluable insights on founding their own practice right after graduating from Caruso Law and the Straus Institute, and served as a professional and personal inspiration for the students, faculty, and staff members who attended their presentation.