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Incoming Student Spotlight: Paul Shin, 2021 JAMS Scholar

This August, Woo Seok "Paul" Shin, an accomplished Korean lawyer will join the Straus Institute's incoming class of LL.M. students. Paul received his Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) degree from Tsinghua University School of Law, in Beijing, China. He has been interested in cross-border transactions since starting his legal studies. "It was my third year when I first encountered the world of international arbitration," Paul stated, and he became convinced that ADR was a perfect mechanism for conflicts in international transactions.

Paul chose to come to the Straus Institute because of its well-known global reputation in the field of ADR, as well as the distinguished faculty that inspire the students. "Both practical and theoretical education at Straus is a crucial foothold for expertise which will widen my insights in terms of international dispute resolution." Paul hopes to study further and become an arbitrator who resolves disputes peacefully and impartially, with great efficiency. "I hope I can enjoy the honor of being part of investment arbitration tribunals and share my experiences and thoughts with the next generation to facilitate academic progress."

To international students considering the field of dispute resolution, Paul shares, "Nothing stops us from being a dream chaser. If we know exactly where our destination is, all we have to do is to be armed with tenacious energy and move forward persistently."