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The Fourth Annual Belonging Awards Finalists

Pepperdine Caruso Law is pleased to announce the fourth annual Belonging Awards finalists:

Student Award

  • Hannah Casey - (nominating comment excerpt) Hannah is an active and dedicated member of the Pepperdine Community, consistently making an effort to foster inclusivity and extend a warm welcome to all. I believe that all of these positions highlight Hannah's commitment to creating a sense of belonging on campus and her disposition to extend a helping hand to those who need it. Hannah is very intentional in getting to know all of the new faces at Pepperdine each year and has become a friendly face to our community's new members.
  • Isabel Conrath - (nominating comment excerpt) Isabel is a selfless leader at Pepperdine. If you ask students around campus who they could count on as a friend and mentor, they would likely say Isabel Conrath. She is the type of leader that always says yes to helping someone, even when not asked. She is dedicated to her studies while also lending a helping hand to her classmates. She is kind, resilient, and will make a fabulous attorney. The legal field would benefit if all attorneys had the same morals, grace, and determination as Isabel has.
  • Jessica Khalili - (nominating comment excerpt) Jessica is an exemplary student who is always championing belonging through involvement in different clubs and organizations at the same time, giving out long and detailed advice to new students whenever asked. Jessica is always willing to go above and beyond to make people feel welcome and prepared for the difficulties of law school, no matter their affiliation or involvement with the many different activities she leads.

Faith & Justice Award

  • Aiden Van Tol -  (excerpt from nomination) Aiden was part of the first group of students to attend the Faith and Justice spring break trip to Montgomery, AL, as one of few 1Ls. As a 1L, he took seriously the question of how to be a Christian while caring for and using the law to combat injustice. Since then, he has actively pursued his goal of becoming a public defender. In class, he readily shares his perspectives and prioritizes social justice. He speaks of working with clients with a dose of realism alongside compassion. He has also worked for me as an RA on projects specifically dealing with the interaction of faith and social justice in the legal profession.
  • Keyana Young - (excerpt from nomination) I am delighted to nominate Keyana Young for this distinguished award in recognition of her exceptional commitment to integrating faith with work focused on justice and belonging. Keyana's dedication to these principles was evident during the inaugural Faith and Justice Spring Break trip, where she chose to invest her time, aligning her values with meaningful action. Instead of taking time off, Keyana actively participated in this transformative experience, demonstrating a profound dedication to the intersection of faith and justice. Keyana's passion for justice extends beyond her active involvement in the Faith and Justice Spring Break trip.

Student Organization Award

  • OUTLaw
  • National Latinx Law Student Association
  • Women’s Legal Association

Faculty Award

  • Professor Jeff Baker
  • Professor Ahmed Taha
  • Professor Stephanie Williams 

Staff Award

  • Michelle Cervantes
  • Al Sturgeon
  • Jeannie Ruse

The finalists will be honored and the winners announced at the Belonging Awards on March 2.

For more information and to register to attend, please see Fourth Annual Belonging Awards.