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Faculty Scholarship

Professor Jeff Baker works online





  • Professor Michael Helfand Publishes "Implied Consent Religious Institutionalism"
  • Professor Sukhsimranjit Singh, "Best Practices for Mediating Religious Conflicts" — ABA Dispute Resolution Magazine
  • Professor Jeff Baker, "The Unmaking of Video Symphony" — The CASE Journal
  • New Straus Book Release – Persuasion: The Hidden Forces That Influence Negotiations
  • Professor Derek Muller, "Cyber Interference in Elections and Federal Agency Action" — Harvard Law Review Blog
  • Professors Jack Coe and Trey Childress Publish Private International Law and Arbitration
  • Professor Barry McDonald, "Should the Supreme Court Matter So Much?" — New York Times
  • Professor James McGoldrick, "The Commerce Clause, The Preposition, and the Rational Basis Test" — University of Massachusetts Law Review (forthcoming)
  • Professor James McGoldrick, "The Rational Basis Test and Why it is so Irrational" — San Diego Law Review (forthcoming)
  • Professor James McGoldrick, "Two Shades of Brown: The Failure of Desegregation in America" — Cardozo Journal of Equal Rights and Social Justice
  • Professor Michael Helfand, "When Judges are Theologians" — Research Handbook on Law and Religion
  • Professor Robert Pushaw, "Ulysses S. Grant and the Lost Opportunity for Racial Justice," Published in Constitutional Commentary
  • Professor Kristine Knaplund, "Women and Wills: An Empirical Analysis of the Married Women's Property Act" — Rutgers Law Record
  • Professor Douglas Kmiec, "Catholic Church must rethink all-male priesthood" — San Francisco Chronicle
  • Law Professors' Scholarly Work Leads to Appointments in Washington, DC
  • Barry McDonald, "The 14th Amendment, Kennedy and Kavanaugh: What's Next?" — National Law Journal
  • Douglas Kmiec, "After Helsinki, can the president be put on administrative leave?" — The Hill
  • Derek Muller Authors Federal Clerkship Report of Recent Graduates, 2018 Edition
  • Derek Muller, "The Democracy Ratchet" — Indiana Law Journal (forthcoming)
  • Tanya Cooper Receives Pepperdine Research Grants and Oxford Fellowship
  • Doug Kmiec, "Seeking a successor to Justice Kennedy's complex legacy" — Asia Pacific Daily
  • Derek Muller Authors Amicus Brief in 10th Circuit Case, Baca v. Colorado Department of State
  • Barry McDonald, "A Hellerstedt Tale: There and Back Again?" — University of Cincinnati Law Review
  • Derek Muller, "A Future Justice Kavanaugh and Executive Privilege" — Law and Liberty
  • Maureen Weston, Arbitration: Law, Policy, and Practice — Carolina Academic Press
  • Khrista McCarden Publishes "Till Offshore Do Us Part" — St. Louis University Law Journal
  • Barry McDonald, "Actually the baker in the Supreme Court Masterpiece ruling lost" — USA Today
  • Chris Goodman Publishes "Shadowing the Bar: Attorneys' Own Implicit Bias" — Berkeley La Raza Law Journal
  • Harry Caldwell, "Avoiding the Wrecking Ball of a Disastrous Cross Examination" — South Carolina Law Review (forthcoming)
  • Naomi Goodno Publishes "A Carrot or a Stick?" – University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law
  • Shelley Saxer Publishes "Social-Ecological Resilience and Sustainability"
  • Chris Goodman, "Nevertheless She Persisted" — William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law
  • Michael Helfand, "Reasoning Through Clashes between Religion and Equality" — Constitutional Commentary (forthcoming)
  • Maureen Weston, "The International Right to Sport for People with Disabilities" — Marquette Sports Law Review
  • Michael Helfand, "The Future of Religious Arbitration in the United States" — Oxford Legal Handbook (forthcoming)
  • Babette Boliek on "Policy and Predictions in an Era of Rapid Technological Change" — University of Colorado Law
  • David Han, "Middle-Value Speech" and "Terrorist Advocacy and Exceptional Circumstances"
  • Barry McDonald, "Same-Sex Wedding Cakes: Why Hybrid Rights Paradigm Is Best Way Out of Thicket" — National Law Journal
  • Rick Cupp, "Cognitively Impaired Humans, Intelligent Animals, and Legal Personhood" — Florida Law Review
  • Derek Muller, "Legal Quandaries in the Alabama Senate Election" — Alabama Law Review (forthcoming)