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Professor Tanya Cooper, "#SororityToo" -- Michigan State Law Review (forthcoming)

Professor Tanya Asim Cooper's article, "#SororityToo," (SSRN) will be published in the Michigan State Law Review (forthcoming 2020). The article discusses campus sexual violence, Greek life, Title IX, and systems change.

Abstract of "#SororityToo"

Sexual violence is an epidemic affecting millions of students, and those who participate in collegiate Greek life are especially vulnerable. As social societies bent on secrecy, Greek life hides violence in its midst. Laws and campus policies when accessed offer little help to victims, and often secondarily traumatize them. Publicized scandals on campus and social media campaigns, however, have raised awareness and sparked public outrage against the widespread problem of sexual violence and high-risk Greek life. Systems change theory offers a useful framework to reform high-risk Greek life from many angles: education, reporting, litigation, and collective action of its system actors. Effective strategies exist to create safer Greek organizations for students but without reform, we will continue to jeopardize the education and health of millions of students.