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The Women of 50 For 50: Amy Sue Leavens (JD '97)

"Scholarships like those being raised through Pepperdine's 50 For 50 campaign are critical to attracting students of the highest academic caliber to the school. I am proud to support excellence in education."

Pepperdine Caruso Law alumna Amy Sue Leavens (JD '97) is the founder and president of Concierge Client Services, PLLC (Concierge Legal), a multi-jurisdictional legal advisory and management consulting firm providing legal advice and operational support to companies seeking to maximize returns on their resource investments. Prior to founding Concierge Legal, Amy Sue served as the General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Corporate Secretary of Capital Impact Partners, where she was responsible for establishing and managing the company's legal department. Amy Sue was named one of Washington D.C.'s 2015 Top Corporate Counsel. She was nominated in 2014 for the Association of Corporate Counsel (WMACCA Chapter) Outstanding Chief Legal Officer Award, and was the 2014 recipient of WMACCA's Community Service Award.

What inspired you to become a partner in the 50 For 50 initiative?

My relationships with Pepperdine Law professors and alumni have been critical to my success professionally. This inspired me to do what I could to support new students who wish to enjoy the same types of opportunities and friendships that I acquired through the school.

How would you like to see the 50 For 50 scholarships make a difference for students, and particularly for women?

Graduating from law school without debt is an enormous advantage. It allows a new attorney to pursue his or her real professional interests, and achieve work-life balance; both of these can be difficult to do early on in a legal career, especially as a woman. I hope that the scholarships facilitate this for Pepperdine Law students.

What kind of special or meaningful support or encouragement did you receive along the way?

Professor Janet Kerr kindled my interest in corporate law and was ultimately responsible for helping me to obtain an internship with Judge Stanley Sporkin (the former Chairman of the SEC), long before Pepperdine Law had an internship program of any kind. Her support and encouragement were literally life changing for me.

How has Pepperdine Caruso Law factored into your success?

Pepperdine Law was a place where I was able to learn the basic skills and gain the confidence necessary to mature into a confident and successful professional. I love the law, I love what I do every day; Pepperdine (and, most importantly, the people there) are the reason for that.

The Pepperdine Caruso Law 50 For 50 Scholarship Campaign raises funds in order to alleviate the burden of student debt and to reinforce Pepperdine's place among America's leading law schools. Many of the campaign's founding partners are women, which reflects a nationwide increase of women in philanthropy. The Surf Report is featuring the female founding partners of the 50 For 50 campaign and what it means to them to support this special initiative.

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