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Pepperdine | Caruso School of Law

Week 2

By: Mena Gehart
Paula and I have been learning some phrases so we aren't as awkward all the time.
"You can leave" = Leave the hotel key when you leave your room, NOT you can leave with the key
"Let me come" = I will come back to you, NOT "Come with me" (but sometimes they never come back)
"Work starts at 8 and ends at 5" = "Work starts at 9ish and ends at 5"
"Tomorrow but one"
There are many references to chickens. "We can talk until chickens come home" = We can talk forever. "Chicken thief" = thief of small matters.
"You are welcome" = Welcome/You should feel welcome here, not a phrase used after "Thank you" (That is "Thank you too")
"Turning up" = showing up
"The Bible says, 'Ask and ye shall receive.'" = unsuccessful pick-up line.
Paula and I have gotten to eat with our work for every meal this week. For lunch and dinner every day, matoke is served (a dish made from bananas). When we were in line to get the food (buffet-style), a lawyer told us that the US has no variety in food and we only eat hamburgers. Paula and I are vegetarians.
I was able to talk with some police officers after a stakeholders' meeting with the DPP. After finding out I was from California, he asked, "Do you know Tupac?"