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Presidential Leadership in Times of Crisis | October 29

At a time when our country and the world face great challenges, the role of leaders in confronting and addressing crises is a universal concern. Join us to hear from our nation's leading historians and legal scholars, as they offer insights regarding the critical leadership provided by United States Presidents in meeting the challenges of their time.

Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law Dean Paul Caron will begin the program with an introduction, after which our distinguished panel of speakers will share their remarks on the topics below. Participants may use this form to submit questions in advance, some of which will be posed to the panel at the end of the prepared portion. Two hours of CLE credit will be awarded for this event.

  • Charles Fried from Harvard University: Presidential Leadership and Truth
  • Ed Larson from Pepperdine University: The Signal Act of American Presidential Leadership: Washington Retires
  • Suzanna Sherry from Vanderbilt University: The Election of 1800
  • Thomas Stipanowich from Pepperdine University: Lincoln: Negotiating Emancipation
  • Sanford Levinson from University of Texas: Election of 1920
  • David Holmes from Lipscomb University: LBJ, MLK, and Passage of the Civil Rights Act
  • Paul Rosenzweig from George Washington University: George Bush and the Visa Waiver Program

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