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November Spotlight: Native American Heritage Month

Consistent with the Office of Diversity and Belonging's values of respecting all people and our alliances with the community, we have a responsibility to acknowledge and make visible Pepperdine Caruso Law’s relationship to the Native peoples in honor of Native American Heritage Month in November. To that end, at Caruso Law we have an added commitment to ensuring the legal profession represents true diversity, equity, and inclusion, and acknowledge that according to the American Bar Association, Native Americans are the smallest racial or ethnic group among U.S lawyers, making up 0.5% of all lawyers. This dearth of Native American lawyers is illustrative of the need to provide support and resources in diversifying the legal profession. 

We are especially focused on providing resources and support to those Native Americans descended from the Chumash tribe, whose lands extended from San Luis Obispo County to Malibu. During the spring, the city of Malibu celebrates Chumash Day, including a Native American powwow and intertribal gathering.  The Office of Diversity and Belonging encourages you to learn more about Native American culture and history of the California tribes and to consider the ways that you might create space for Native American people to advance in the legal profession.