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Megan Sieffert (JD '12) Joins Slingshot Aerospace as General Counsel

Pepperdine Caruso Law alumna Megan Sieffert (JD '12) has joined Slingshot Aerospace as general counsel. She formerly served as NASA Office of Inspector General attorney-adviser and Axiom Space association general counsel.

Sieffert comments, "The welcoming and ethical community at Pepperdine Law encouraged me to be the type of attorney that focuses on the human and service elements of the law. Combined with the critical coursework from the Palmer Center, I look forward to utilizing the essential skills developed at Pepperdine to support the continued development and deployment space situational awareness technologies that protect our nation’s critical space assets and emable us to be responsible stewards of our Earth and its orbital environment.”

From the Slingshot Aerospace announcement:

Sieffert will join Slingshot Aerospace on June 12, 2023 as General Counsel. Sieffert brings to the Slingshot team a unique legal perspective regarding the new space sector with a wealth of experience in both the government space industry and commercial space market.  Her expertise will be instrumental in navigating the complex legal landscape within the global space technology environment.

Before joining Slingshot Aerospace, Sieffert served as a Spaceflight Counsel, Associate General Counsel for Axiom Space, a company operating the world’s first fully commercial private astronaut missions to the International Space Station (ISS) and building the world’s first international commercial space station. Prior to that, she was the Attorney-Adviser at the Office of Inspector General for NASA where she led teams investigating fraud, waste, and abuse across NASA’s major programs including crew transportation to low Earth orbit, operations and research aboard the ISS, and spacesuits.

"We were immediately drawn to Megan’s extensive legal, operational, and economic space experience," said Stricklan. "Her impressive credentials from Axiom Space and NASA are truly remarkable and will play a crucial role in fueling our business growth, supporting global clients, and empowering our internal teams - all are pivotal to expanding our global presence and achieving overall business success."

Sieffert holds a Juris Doctor degree from Pepperdine University and a Master’s in Economics from the University of Southern California. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a passion for innovation and a solid dedication to achieving legal excellence in the aerospace sector. Her combination of legal acumen and industry insight will play a vital role in supporting Slingshot Aerospace's strategic initiatives.

The complete announcement may be found at Slingshot Aerospace