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Je suis une efundiante de francais.

Ope P.

I've been meaning to learn French for the past few years, so when I discovered that a few of my coworkers had hired a tutor to give them French lessons after work, I jumped upon the opportunity. And boy am I glad that I did; these French lessons have been highlight of my days ever since I started them last month. There are four of us all together: me, two of my Ugandan coworkers—Nusula and Nicholas–and an American guy named Aaron whom I met when I was in Fort Portal.

All the four of us do is laugh and laugh and pester our teacher to skip the mechanics and teach us conversational French. The poor guy…I think he secretly enjoys us though. His name is Rogers. The two guys are quite good and confident in their French speaking skills, but Nusula and I are quite timid. Rogers says that my pronunciation is "trés bien" although I keep mixing Spanish and French together. They're so similar.

Although I'm still not fluent in French, I do feel like I have learned a lot and I've loved every minute of my classes. I'm really going to miss my French classes…my classmates…and the view. Isn't it lovely? Good times, good times.