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In Memoriam: Paul Quong (JD '74)

July 20, 2016 -- Alumnus Paul Quong passed away on April 26, 2016. He was was born in Hong Kong and attended Pepperdine Law classes by night during the 1970s.

Excerpted from the Los Angeles Times:

In 1978, he went into business for himself as a developer. During this time, he got his law degree from Pepperdine by going at night. Over the years, Quong Enterprises developed 21 shopping centers, measuring more than 2.6 million sq. ft. In 1980 he added in-house construction to his development company. Paul never fully retired, because in several situations, the buyers of his projects retained him to manage their property and in later years the company evolved into property management. But he was always wanting to do "one more project."

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