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Greg McNeal named a chairman of Federalist Society's Law & Innovation Project

May 16, 2016 -- Professor Gregory S. McNeal has been named one of the chairmen for the Federalist Society's three-year Law & Innovation Project.

Law & Innovation Project Program Overview:

The Federalist Society is pleased to announce that it has received a landmark gift of $10 million, the single largest in the institution's history, from the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation in support of its groundbreaking Law & Innovation Project.

The Law & Innovation Project will spotlight the excesses of the administrative state in this country. In too many cases, regulation has strangled innovation in the U.S. economy. It is only through a systematic effort to address regulations that are damaging our economy that we will free the entrepreneurial spirit of our citizens so that the American Dream will be a reality for the next generation.  Government stifling of innovation is a huge problem, and the Law & Innovation project will be proportionately wide in scope.

The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation espouses the values upon which our nation was founded: duty, honor, freedom, individual responsibility, and work ethic. The mission of the Foundation is to promote entrepreneurship, selfreliance, global understanding, free enterprise, and to enhance the quality of life by supporting the arts, education, health advancements, and preservation of the environment.