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Dani Wassel (JD '08) interview: Making it Big in Entertainment Law -- Entity Magazine

August 24, 2016 -- Pepperdine Law alumna Dani Wassel (JD '08) is featured in an interview by Entity Magazine in "Making it Big in Entertainment Law: Dani Wassel on Networking and Not Being an A**hole."  Wassel is Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs at Bunim/Murray Productions.

Excerpt from Entity Magazine:

Photo: Entity MagazineENTITY: At what point in your education/career did you decide that you wanted to work in entertainment law? Why were you drawn to it?

DANI WASSEL: I decided really early in law school that I wanted to go into entertainment. I have always been more of a creative type, so I thought if I wasn't going to make a living creating art, maybe I could make a living helping others make art.

ENTITY: What were some of the first steps you took to put yourself on the path to success? Looking back, is there anything you wish you had done differently?

DANI WASSEL: During law school, as soon as my course load allowed me to, I started interning everywhere I possibly could. I worked at a music label, a production company, a television network, a boutique entertainment law firm… I got around. I definitely did my share of networking and taking people to lunch ("I would LOVE to pick your brain about your path to success!") but not as much as other people do, because I've never really been into those fake/trying too hard aspects of the industry. I've never liked the Beverly Hills lifestyle – it's just not for me. But, I tried to make as many authentic professional relationships as I could and I still try to maintain all of those relationships today...

ENTITY: What was your first job after law school (and how did you get it)?

DANI WASSEL: I worked at a small boutique entertainment firm in Beverly Hills. One of the attorneys at the firm had come to my law school for some networking events and I met her there.

The complete interview may be found at www.entitymag.com